Ridethe Mountain

Complete your Grandvalira experience with one of the snowmobile tours that you can book at the Grandvalira Mountain Park. Drive through the most hidden places of the mountain and feel the freedom.

A Unique Opportunity

Do not miss it, after a few guidelines you can enjoy driving aboard a twin snowmobile in which to cross the forest alone or with the company of a partner.

Adapted to You

As there are several routes, we get adapted to your needs to cross the shadows and lights of the forest so that you can enjoy a complete experience.

Discover the shadows and lights of the woods

The black pine forests of Grandvalira give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable snowmobile journey. An expert driver will accompany you on all your trips to guide you through the routes. At halfway, you will stop to admire the landscape that surrounds you.

Types of journeys PRICE/ Twin snowmobile
Guided tour 30 min 80 €
Guided tour 60 min 120 €
Guided tour 120 min 220 €
Guided nocturnal tour 40 min + DINNER 245 €