The mountain park

Complete Your Experience

If you do not live the activities we propose you, you have not lived the mountain at all. Reserve yourself a moment to enjoy them!


You cannot miss the opportunity to live any of the experiences that we offer you. In Grandvalira Mountain Park, the most important thing is that you live with intensity all the activities to take with you a unique and unrepeatable memory. Nature will be your ally to complete an exclusive stay.


Off the tracks, no rules and letting yourself go to relax. A ride on mushing enjoying as much as the dogs that carry the sleigh or drive a snowmobile to full blast off the tracks. Go deeper into yourself and get all the energy you can as you will find balance when the adrenaline takes over your body.


Your peace of mind comes first, so in every activity, we have the best professionals to give you the appropriate indications; so without risk, you will live the experience to the limit. Enjoy the moment and feel the freedom.

Our Activities


Give a different point of view to your stay in the forests of Grandvalira, enjoying sliding down the Tubbing tracks prepared at the Grandvalira Mountain Park.

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Walk through the forests of Grandvalira with the help of snowshoes and your willingness to enjoy nature. An essential activity for those who want to excel in every challenge and love sport.

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Tour the Grandvalira forests by driving your snowmobile. Discover every corner and enjoy the speed. Alone or with someone, it is a unique experience to have a perfect day.

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If you are passionate about animals and love to be surrounded by nature, this is the experience you cannot miss. Give it a try, and you will not regret walking through the woods of Grandvalira on a dog sledge that, like you, will be enjoying an unforgettable ride.

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Routes and Circuits

Thanks to our mountain guides who mark off with markers the circuits of our domains every season, you can tour the black pine forests of Grandvalira, discover streams and delight you with the most spectacular views from the tranquillity of the less explored places.

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GMG Services

Travelling peacefully through the forests of Andorra has never been easier. Since we created the Mountain Guides Centre in 2013, each season more customers who support this sport demand a lot of discipline in the circuits of the highest level. We started this activity with 4 tours in the Grau Roig sector. Currently, there are 6 circuits through which you can go along with our guides.

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Facilities & Surroundings

Surrounded by the mountains, the Grandvalira Mountain Park is located in the Cubil sector, in the area of Grau Roig, and in the largest complex in southern Europe. Activities to enjoy nature, unique, and at 2,000 meters height that ensures excellent snow quality throughout the season.

Day and night excursions for you to squeeze the station every day.